Day 9: Back into the World


Well, after 8 days in the hospital I was released. Not much to report me there. A fever landed me in and then I had to essentially pass a bunch of tests before I could leave. Though I wanted to get out, it wasn’t bad except for the lack of sleep. Despite that I had appetite, and energy and did not react badly to the last of chemos. The presence of Steve, Mariya and Elena brightened my days. My cautious doc knew I wanted out and we had an ongoing mild argument about when that was safe. The old protocol was to stay until you engrafted (around 3 weeks) and I knew that that would be murderous on me and the family. So I had my arguments  lined up-arguing the healing power of sleep and nature and exercise against constant vigilance. In the end, he gave graciously gave in to my persistent and surprising wellness, and called in the PA by saying “don’t you think she looks like a rose?” Shortly after, he signed the release papers for Day 8. Walking out into the rainy afternoon with Elena was like the first day on Earth.  And here I am, back at the cottage. Today, I took 3 naps. I will now that things are truly healing when I begin to have dreams again.


To refrain, that was the LAST of the chemos. My hair and eyebrows are growing in, though I am told I will lose the hair again, but I have evidence now that it will grow back (nope, not a blond). But just to be able to say that was the LAST is amazing. I have been getting chemo since the first of March.

Now, we wait. Daily blood draws will tell us about fluctuating electrolytes and blood counts. Right now, my white cells are zero. So, I am all about trying to keep infection away. Mariya’s cells are growing n my bone marrow. When my counts come back, that tells us the graft worked. They will take a bone marrow biopsy on Day 28. What we want to see if that my marrow is all or mostly Mariya’s.

Then we wait to see to see how graft versus host disease goes. But for now, I am in good shape, and absolutely sure that prayers and love carried me here, along with UW Medicine.


13 comments on “Day 9: Back into the World

  1. Wonderful news, Shann! You have all been through so much, it is just wonderful that you finally are on the home stretch….I went down to hear Uncle Otto at Music at the Port tonight when I closed the store – there was a woman in the row ahead of me that looked so much like you I did a double take (a tourist, I guess)….anyway, I thought about the fact that NEXT summer it WILL be you!! Keep on keeping on….I think of you often.
    Love, Carol

  2. Dearest Shann: I am so very happy that you are out of hospital again and feeling life again! I think I have prayed for you several times each day. I hope for the times you dream again and that all continues to go well.
    I just hope to see you next summer when I come to the island, as I have moved to Georgia to be with my daughters. Daughters are wonderful, aren’t they?
    Best of health to you–I will keep praying.
    Very fondly, Shirley

  3. Shann, you are amazing, your strength and courage and your wonderful writing. Congratulations on your progress out of the hospital, lots of prayers for your return to full health and the island. Love to you, Lynne

  4. Dear Shann, So great that you are at this point and healing. You are an incredibly strong and wise person – a role model for us all. Keep napping and best wishes and love to you all. Amy

  5. Such great news! I was beginning to worry a bit but have great faith in your healing attitude. My pipe will stay together with its prayers for your healing until Day 28 or until you announce the success of your new life! The best is yet to come!

  6. Sweet dreams sprinkled with stardust ahead! One of my many prayers for you. Continue along your beautiful path of healing! Ruth

  7. Hi Shann,
    Through a strange coincidence (or perhaps not) I met Vera Weiland, Monika’s mother who purchased a log home I had built decades ago.
    After meeting her, and Monika we realized that you, Vera and I lived within one mile of each other in San Diego when I was about 10 years old (the same age as Vera). I know you and Ann have kept in touch.
    I just want to send you as much positive energy as I can to hopefully help you heal. I knew you as Sh—-y and you knew me as Lin__Mersman. I do not have a clue if you know anything about what my partner of 17 years and I went through before she passed…but we had some great times in the Great Barrier Reef and the 2nd biggest barrier reef off of Belize. We had total fun…and that, along with nutritional supplements, extended her life way beyond what was expected. Traditional medicine is great when combined with nutritional, spirituality and fun. I hope you can find all of those.Best of luck to you, Steve and your wonderful daughters. Lin aka Linda Mersman.

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