From the moment I turned 60, I knew what I had to do. I had to reverse my life. That is, change the habits and ways of my life that age me. I can’t change the fact that my body will age. But I can alter the march toward inflexibility. I can grow my soul and imagination. I can love my family and friends, participate in community, enjoy the stranger, show up and stand up when it’s important. I can soften my footprint on the magnificent and dazzling earth. I can learn to re-define and inhabit the word “Crone”. I can protect and defend many things and let some go. I can soak my heart in gratitude and beauty. And when I cross over to the mysterious land of death which awaits us all, I can go unencumbered and light, having played in the possibilities, cried in alignment for the pain, adored nature and human creativity, and met my purpose.

The Do It Yourself movement is mostly about making your own instead of buying. I am certainly not an extremist. To be so would mean I wouldn’t enjoy someone else’s art, music, food or fine furniture. But it is a MINDSET that is so powerful.

Consider the DIY Brain. We now know so much about the plasticity of our gray matter. So, at 61, I can grow dendrites by learning new things. I can take quantum physics and understand enough bits and pieces to get a little thrill when ordinary reality suddenly illuminates before me. I can decide to become a better naturalist, continue to find deeper and deeper meaning in Rumi’s poetry, and find the most organic, shade grown fairly traded coffee for the money.

Now, how about the DIY Body? Mine has taken up making my own medicinal herbs, and is becoming more adept at listening to itself to diagnose and treat illness. My body doesn’t need to to be told what to do, it knows and it teaches and informs me if I listen.

Do It Yourself. Your Life. Hold it in your hands and see its shimmering potential. Then build the reality.

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  1. Dear Shann and Steve,

    you probably might remember me – we met each other at ‘Hostel Obispo’ in SLO this week and had some delicious turkey and californian wine together. I´m glad having here the possibility to send you a message so that I can update you to my recent news.
    Things went pretty well (again). The last 2 days I could stay at an others students’ house, initiated by my Professor. Again I met very helpful, openhearted people here, what I really apprechiate. And yes, they also enjoyed my story about my little side trip to Saint Louis a lot, as you did 🙂 …

    I want to thank you for that nice conversation we had, especially for your encouraging words, Steve, which were just the right thing for me at this moment!
    And as you can see they had their effect: From tomorrow I´m going to have a room on-campus at my university!

    Shann, I like your blog very much. One can see that the both of you are really enjoying life!

    For your future and upcoming trips I wish you all the best, and many many memorable moments.

    Keep on looking on the “bright side” as you are doing right now!

    With best regards,


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