Bald is Beautiful. Right?


The hair came off last night. I don’t think there are many words I can add to the picture. Definitely different.

Maybe I thought there would be a poem or a big feeling to accompany this event. But mostly I just look at this picture the way you might. Like, wow. She looks different. We look in the mirror many times a day, just to check up, you know? Make sure the spinach isn’t stuck between the teeth, or do the short comb through. Imagine, you look at your reflection and you see someone but you have no idea who it is. Without her familiarity, is she a stranger? Or did the familiarity always mask the stranger that lives within us? Mostly I will wear the hat, scarf and even the wig so as not to scare little children. But I just have to say…. with compassion: sure it is cold with a bald head.


Ready for the Monastery.

28 comments on “Bald is Beautiful. Right?

  1. The very, very first thought that hit me when I saw your picture, Shann, was “SACRED”. I was immediately taken by the sacredness of you, your pure, raw (albiet, now a little colder) BEAUTY!!! YOU are the monastery, the Buddha, all that is sacred…….. you are our Shann and my heart beats with yours every day. much love xo Juliana

  2. You truly look like the Dali Lama, so peaceful and spiritual.
    I just gave $$ to St Baldrick charity… hair for children with cancer.
    My scientist son shaved his head but there wasn’t much there (hair that is)
    to lose. He has a lab for stem cell research at UC Davis. pray

  3. I’m trying to imagine you minus hair, and all I can see if your lovely face! Can’t see you in the scarf though, but I keep imagining! Hang it here, wheat grows out you will look SOOo cute. Joy

  4. You do look like a monk….going through a profound, life-altering experience for your enlightenment. It sucks…we don’t get to choose our challenges (consciously, anyway). I know that you will triumph over this one and have even greater gifts to offer the world. You are a beautiful being, Shann, and are surrounded by the love of so many humans and angels!! Love to you, Steve and the girls. XXOO

  5. I was at a week-long spiritual retreat in Sedona a few years ago where they offered head-shaving as an option. Many took the opportunity to let go of their hair – I was not called to (but I would have if so guided.) It was profound for many and the reactions of friends and family members was wide and sometimes surprising. There are lessons in everything if we are open.

  6. Before seeing your photo, I was going to suggest some lovely henna decorations, but really, there’s no need. That beautiful stranger in the mirror is you.
    Huge octopus hugs from me and Paul.

  7. My first thought was how beautiful you look and how you will fit right in as a monk, yes definitely you need a scarf and a long saffron robe!

  8. I love the new look Shann – I can see now that your left ear is higher than your right, exactly the opposite of mine so that when we where our glasses and face each other our glasses will tilt the same way. I bet it was hard to see those lovely black curls fall but they’ll grow back. You actually look younger to me! Can’t wait to see you in person. You are so beautiful!
    Love, Lisa

  9. You do look so beautiful – your smile is what really always pulls me to you, followed by your eyes – now without your crown of dark hair, these assets are even more defined. I have to say Christopher was passing by and thought I was looking at the Dalai Lama site – Love & Light to you

  10. This sure brings back memories! I remember when Emily’s dad had his head shaved at Christy’s salon up here. Actually, I liked it. And, I like this on you! Your face is beautiful and your head is just right! And, yes, it does get cold, so keep covered and warm. Love, Lenore

  11. Wow. So many others had the same immediate thought upon seeing your pic. Totally a monastic being. Your light just has a little less to work its way through to shine on the world. Is it at all a liberating sensation? I think I would have that reaction, but I am not sure so I am not going to try it out. Hats are great and I look forward to seeing your wig. Big hugs, Shann. Also for Steve and Elena. We miss you. The island misses you. So much love to you. Lynette

  12. You are stunning! The light coming from you will be a magnet to children! Trust their curiosity. Your smile is powerful. Here is a big hug for you and your fearlessness… You are beautiful.

  13. To me, you look wise, and a bit younger, brighter. Is that because there is less for the viewer to focus on, or perhaps because you are learning unexpected strength and new-found insight/wisdom in your battle for healing?

    Before my mother died, she knitted baskets fulls of beautiful caps for people with sparse or no hair, and donated them to her local hospital. I hope there is something like that at your hospital for you to use, something knitted with love.

    If you decide to let your hair grow back, it will be interesting to see how it may be different than what you had been accustomed to: thinner/thicker, coarser/softer, darker/lighter, curlier/straighter; in any case, I’m sure you’ll find a sense of pleasure with whatever new look you develop, even now.

    Sending island community love and strength your way.

    • You look like the Goddess/Guru that you are. Only one of the unfamiliar things in the long list daily I’m sure. Bald is Beautiful I agree. AND just think, “SPRING IS
      Julie in Idaho

  14. Who knew such a beautifully shaped head was under all that hair! I’ve heard other people who’ve gone through this say their hair grows back thicker and better than it ever was before. In the meantime, stay warm, safe and strong. Sending much love, light and joy your way.

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