Sunday at ‘home’—–“The new Reality”

Its Sunday afternoon and shann is napping.  A quick overview; Mar’s fella Will, has left and headed back to their Calif. home—Mariya to follow next week…..both have been ‘huge’!  We were on  a regime of everyday visits to SCAA (seattle cancer care alliance)—-we asked for a day off after yesterday’s outing and so we get to keep a low profile all day today!  The second time now in two weeks of this new reality.  Everything that was the normal and the routine is now topsey turvey—The new reality is that its all different and all the time changing.

It seems that each persons cancer (and body) is slightly different; so to is the ‘cocktail’ of drugs that they receive to treat it.   Shann is doing dasatinib and vincristine and half a dozen other drugs, including steroids and white blood cell boosters—more info that anyone needs to know I suppose—-and is coming along pretty darned well—getting to sleep uninterrupted through the nights and away from the hospital (as great as the staff at UW Hospital is) has been grand.  Our ‘cottage’ life is settling down—am making soup today and shann and I have started back into watching the West Wing for the first time since this all came crashing in two weeks ago.

Think I’ll make a run to the store while she sleeps.  Regards to all you Shann fans out there and a request;  Business gets to come to me and not shann–her job is to heal, 100% of the time—-and that healing of course includes getting jokes and notes and antidotes from you, her fans……

Not very literary—-just a bit of information—–steve

4 comments on “Sunday at ‘home’—–“The new Reality”

  1. Who needs literary? We can wait for Shann to give us that. I truly appreciate updates of any kind. Hearing from you, Steve, is dandy. Consider yourself hugged and please pass it on to Shann and your young ladies.

  2. We will ditto Lynette’s comment. Steve you are doing a great job! So glad sleep can be thru the night. Hospitals are never good for that. We share the prayer circle for you both.
    Love, Lenore and John

  3. We love you so much and sending sparkling, radiating love light over and into your cores! I feel so strongly for you and this great uprooting. I know that we each have an individual experience in life but lately I have been feeling deeply connected to those who are experiencing these great challenges. I think of you every day! big hugs and kisses and may strength be with you!

  4. Hi Sweetie 🙂 Just in case this could be of some comfort for you at some point I’m sending a link to hospitals that provide Oncology Massage…from the Society 4 Oncology Massage. This has been something I’m very interested in and look to explore in our new life on Vancouver Island. Here you go and I’ll follow up if I get more info on this. I think, at some point, it could be a very good thing.

    Sending you love. (and the whole fam!!!) xoxoxoxo

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