Steve’s two-bits…3/5/13

awaiting shann to finish a shower—Mariya’s fella Will ,coming up shortly to help carry stuff down to the van—which has been parked in the subterranean surgery parking area for the pat 8 days at the U.W Medical Center—my mobile office/bedroom/home away.   We are now officially through the first part of cycle 1A; hospitalization and the first infusion of heavy duty chemo—designed to kill all the bad guys—along with an awful lot of the good guys—now its R&R at our ‘cottage’ located in n. Seattle in the maple leaf section of town —we will be making posts on this blog from our bungalow, as shann slowly heals and then we go in for the next cycle 1B in about 2 or 3 weeks..  Time to get a move on—-wifee beckons—I bet she is going to love the fresh air and am hoping we both get comfortable with the cottage—I have been there once for 1/4 of an hour and she has yet to see it.  Daughters and family and friends have spent hours cleaning and getting it ready for us…..So many angels out there hovering……Steve

8 comments on “Steve’s two-bits…3/5/13

  1. Thanks Steve for the update. So good to hear that Shann is able to get out of the hospital. Please share the new address so that we can send Snail mail. Much love to you, Shann, Mariya, and Elena. Endless prayers and blessings to you from us.

  2. Steve and Shannon, your cottage sounds lovely. Hope your rest and recuperation time there is good. All of us in Alaska thinking of you, and sending positive and warm vibes southwards!
    Joy and Susan

  3. It is so good to hear from you. My family is so shocked and sad about this illness. Big hugs and lots of love. If anyone can overcome this, Shann can. Love, Barbara

    • Thank you sweet Barbara. Thoughts of our Eliot family have been heartwarming during the last difficult week. What a special community we have all contributed to create! It fills my heart with faith in all the best parts of humanity. Lots of love to your whole family – Mariya

  4. Hi Shanny! May a sunny healling spot shine through the sky on your face! I love you all and we send such big healing hugs to you and your amazing family! Just read your blog and knew something was up from facebook but didnt know all of it! I hope you get lots of rest and jack kisses!! big big hugs again my friend! always your friend -kate josh and cossie bear!

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