DIY Detox: Detoxing the Soul

Body Cleanse is opening the way to soul cleanse. Here I explore the parallels, so that my Body Cleanse can inform my Soul Cleanse.

Body Cleanse = Simple diet of healthy organic earth grown foods, especially vegetables.

Soul Cleanse = Simple. Diet. As in to reduce input of so many things to do. Healthy. Focus on the things that give my soul life and energy. Earth grown, mostly vegetables. Things that are close to the earth, basic to life.

Body Cleanse = Bountiful cleansing water.

Soul Cleanse = Connection with the source of life. Giving thanks and gratitude to water. Appreciating water.

Body Cleanse = Fiber for better elimination of toxins.

Soul Cleanse = Meditation for better elimination of mind toxins. Embracing love.

Body Cleanse = Supporting supplements

Soul Cleanse = Supporting supplements of the soul. For me, that’s music, story, nature, beauty, movement.  Time. Rest. Peacefulness.

Body Cleanse = Withdrawing somewhat from social life.

Soul Cleanse = Withdrawing somewhat from social life.

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