DIY Detox: Stuff

All goes well on the Detox trail. It is not severe but it is a big change. And it is mindful.

ImageOn another front, I am trying to detox the house as I go. My husband and I have had to make an agreement not to only try to get rid of each other’s “junk”. We have tried to go by the rule that his is his to rid of and mine is mine. And we are. We are detoxing our own closets, our junk drawer and all the places where things lurk. One thing I know for sure. Stuff stalks us all. It wants us, it wants our minds and our time and our home. A stuff detox goes well with a body detox, that’s for sure, and it is something that must be repeated frequently. Stuff leads its own life and it drags down the spirit to constantly be moving it and cleaning it and storing it. I am trying to use my detox mentality to pare it down.

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