My Life In Reverse

From the moment I turned 60, I knew what I had to do. I had to reverse my life. That is, change the habits and ways of my life that age me. I can’t change the fact that my body will age. But I can alter the march toward inflexibility. I can grow my soul and imagination. I can love my family and friends, participate in community, enjoy the stranger, show up and stand up when it’s important. I can soften my footprint on the magnificent and dazzling earth. I can learn to re-define and inhabit the word “Crone”. I can protect and defend many things and let some go. I can soak my heart in gratitude and beauty. And when I cross over to the mysterious land of death which awaits us all, I can go unencumbered and light, having played in the possibilities, cried in alignment for the pain, adored nature and human creativity, and met my purpose.

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