Welcome to the DIY Mind

I laid awake last night thinking about the Do It Yourself movement. Mostly, it is about making your own instead of buying. I love that. For sure, there are too many things in the world and plenty of raw materials to go around. I am certainly not an extremist. To be so would mean I wouldn’t enjoy someone else’s art, music, food or fine furniture. But it is a MINDSET that is so powerful.

Consider the DIY Brain. We now know so much about the plasticity of our gray matter. So, at 61, I can grow dendrites by learning new things. I can take quantum physics and understand enough bits and pieces to get a little thrill when ordinary reality suddenly illuminates before me. I can decide to become a better naturalist, continue to find deeper and deeper meaning n Rumi’s poetry, and find the most organic, shade grown fairly traded coffee for the money.

Now, how about the DIY Body? Mine has taken up making my own medicinal herbs, and is becoming more adept at listening to itself to diagnose and treat illness. My body doesn’t need to to be told what to do, it knows and it teaches and informs me if I listen.

Do It Yourself. Your Life. Hold it in your hands and see its shimmering potential. Then build the reality.

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