Steve’s Post from the UW Hospital


Sending Mariya back to Tahoe after Thanksgiving.

December 20, 1950—a most auspicious birthing day–! Shann Cathro Weston arrived into this good world in Mexico City, where Bruce met Maria, and became the newest member of the Weston and Camerana Tribe.

And here we are 63 years later, celebrating from U.W. Medical Center—our old haunts from various points during this journey with Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL).  Shann was medivaced from our island home on Tuesday eve—on a pretty full moon and starry night for a helicopter ride across our Salish Sea,— down to the UW stadium where her chariot (ambulance) awaited her.  A seamless transition from our 4 bed and spanking new island hospital, down to the multi storied complex at UW.  Shann is resting and doing well at this  point.  Two issues:  fluid around her heart, which may have been the cause for her rapid heart rate (pressure not allowing her heart to get a full volume of blood to flow and thus working over time to keep her 02 levels up) and two–something called Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) which is threatening her lungs with pneumonia. Most us would call this “the winter grunge” and work through it in 5-10 days—but people with compromised immune systems are much more at risk. Presently she is going through a therapy involving the drug Ribarivin, which is administered in a mist into a ‘tent’ 3 times a day for two hours each.  Both situations are serious and will be monitored closely.  I expect that we will be here for some, many days.  More on her health situation as it develops.  For friends; please call my number if there is an issue, and as she gets healthy she will be back on board with hearing directly from you.

I haven’t written anything in quite some time.  I have started and stopped a dozen times; sometimes it was because I was frustrated and fatigued with this all and wanted to ‘belly ache’ about something or other, sometimes because there were/are so many people and situations to give thanks for and celebrate: vis-a-vis Shann started driving again a couple weeks back and regained that level of independence!  Neighbors/friends stoked the fire and warmed our house in advance of our coming back, and supplied us with some dandy hot dishes.  We got to walk on home turf with Jack, and Shann got to be with her ‘girlfriends’ and I with my ‘boyfriends’ for that week after we were ‘released’ by our transplant team.

IMG_0379We are optimistic and our spirits are good—We are appreciative for all the care and loving that has come our way—Our wish to you all, would be that you remember how tenuous and rich our existence and environment are.  Celebrate with gusto and full-throated gratitude, as you move through this Solstice and Christmas Yule Time. Doing that will honor us deeply.   Be of good cheer!   Steve


9 comments on “Steve’s Post from the UW Hospital

  1. Dear Steve and family, I know this journey that you are on and my heart aches for you. My hopes also rise as realize the strength you all have. This is a perilous journey only uplifted by the love and compassion that surrounds you. I know from experience you only have one choice, hope and belief that you will come through this to the other side. I am holding you, as I held my beloved Jerry, for a safe transition away from this ordeal. May blessings of earth and spirit be with you and know that I hold you in heart at all times. Judi

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  2. Thanks for your note Steve. My heart goes out to all of you – this has certainly been a rough year. I wish Shann a happy birthday and a year filled with renewed health, peace and joy. I hope you’ll enjoy your holidays as much as possible. I am thinking of you al.

    Lots of love

  3. So sorry to hear of the setback. Praying strongly that Shann recovers quickly and completely from this latest challenge and that the road to recovery continues apace.

  4. shann and steve, i see you both with radiant golden light surrounding you. i feel the love you have and the love you give so freely to all of us —
    coming right back to you now. breathe it in. this time will pass and you’ll be back here with your island tribe soon.

  5. OH, Steve!

    Do hope that by now the initials — RSV, CMV, etc. — are under control and you two will be able to return to this blessed Island in some — versus many — days.

    We will indeed “Celebrate with gusto and full-throated gratitude, as [we] move through this Solstice and Christmas Yule Time because” we do honor you daily and so admire your being of good cheer throughout these many months!

    Onward! Alice ========== Alice B. Acheson, Book Marketing/Publicity Specialist P. O. Box 735 Friday Harbor, WA 98250 360/378-2815 Do It Yourself Life wrote on 12/20/2013 7:45 PM: > > Shann Weston posted: ” December 20, 1950—a most auspicious birthing > day–! Shann Cathro Weston arrived into this good world in Mexico > City, where Bruce met Maria, and became the newest member of the > Weston and Camerana Tribe. And here we are 63 years later, celebrating” >

  6. Not sure if this will reach you Shann but Susan and I send love and belated happy birthday wishes from Langebaan, South Africa! Joy

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