DIY Detox Beverages

The Smoothie

Well, this is probably the most important “meal” of the detox. It is a cross between a beverage and a meal but I don’t count it as water.  Here are my basic ingredients:

Scoop-Whey Protein powder

Scoop-Fiber (I use Smart Fiber)

1-2 Tablespoons Chia seeds that have been soaked in water for 30+ minutes

1-2 Tablespoons nonfat plain yogurt

Almond or hemp milk

Half to whole cup water

Blueberries or other berries

Greens: broccoli, spinach, purslane, cabbage

If you need it sweeter, try a quarter to half an organic banana.  Or try Xylitol.

You can put a quarter of an apple, chopped, if you are not worried about insulin resistance.  If you having a hard time losing weight, the newest research advises to limit fruit intake. Make berries your first choice.

If you like the taste, this would be a great time to add cinnamon, ginger or garlic.

Other Beverages

They always say drink plenty of water, but really—it is boring to drink that much water, especially if you live in the cooler climates. So, I find ways to make my hot drinks count! Here is my A-List to choose from.

1-Dandleion Tea or Dandy Instant Dandelion Beverage.

2-Apple Cider vinegar and honey (or use stevia) in hot water.

3-Master Cleanser (lemons, maple syrup, cayenne) in hot water.

4-Decaf green tea or herbal teas.

5-Teeccino Java Herbal “Coffee”

6-Ginger Tea—chopped ginger steeped in hot water.

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