Love, kindness and compassion are the jewels of the universe

One last post about my retreat at Indralaya with Nawang Khechog.

The lasting messages are these.

1-The Tibetan cosmology is filled with beings. Now Quantum physics is using words and concepts that describe multiple realities, multiple dimensions, multiple worlds and universes Perhaps I am gluing them all together, but it reminds me of indigenous wisdom in which all things are sentient—even the things we don’t ordinarily think of—like the four elements of earth, water, Imageair and fire. This talk had extra power at a Theosophical camp, where a long tradition of nature spirits assumes there are other beings in other dimensions beside us in the world.

Result—my world is more populated and magical than before. What I knew as a child is validated. I knew then that I inhabited a mysterious and awesome place as one of many beings. I have been reminded again of that.

2-Love, kindness and compassion are the jewels of the universe(s). Of all the human attributes—strength, intelligence, beauty—the jewels are these magnificent qualities. The greatest meaning of life is to learn to love all sentient beings. Image

3-The innate nature of all humans is to want happiness and to not want suffering. The basic nature of our mind is a luminous clarity, like a beautiful lake. Much of the time, we let the world and our brain ruffle the surface. Mediation takes you home to that luminous clarity, and gives you a place to rest.

4-You must take time to gradually transform, nurture and warm your heart. Mediation will give you the certainty in what you know. Deep conviction comes over time; like a gymnast who learns a move, practicing it over and over until it becomes 2nd Nature, so do you approach meditation.

5-Enlightened beings are all around us. Their job is to alleviate suffering. But if they are not reaching you, it is because you are, essentially, blocking them with your mind. Once you can start to focus on loving kindness toward yourself and all sentient beings and your words and actions reflect this, they will be able to help you. Image

Lastly, when we asked about what to do in the world when you meet people who are not at all interested in loving kindness. Nawang smiled and said ah yes—they are selfish and –what do you call them? Brats? Yes, the Selfish Brats.

You try to teach them.

You become the example.

You look inside and keep working on yourself.

You keep practicing on your own work.

You minimize time with them until you are stronger.

Like on airlines, he laughed. Always put the mask on yourself first before you put mask on others. Be kind to yourself but push a little.

ImageThank you, Nwang Khechog. You have touched and changed my life.

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